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Jan-Apr '24 Playgroup

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Can't wait to meet everyone soon too! I have a son Bailee who was 3 months on Saturday!

Ellis and I hope to meet you all soon! - Emily (mom to Ellis 8w old and Ryan 4.5y old)

Hi everyone,

I have a group text going from an email that went out a few weeks ago. I think some more people have joined us since that e-mail went out. If you would like to be on the group text chain, can you e-mail me @ your cell and name? I will then add you onto the group text.

Hoping the weather will turn so we can meet up in person soon! I can send some thoughts on the group chain!


Welcome to the playgroup for babies/due dates from January to April 2024 on the new group management platform through our website!! You were added if you filled out in your new member form that you have a due date these months or if you already joined the playgroup through the old process but please remove yourself if you were added by mistake!

Tips for groups:

  1. Nominate a captain if you don’t have one already to help facilitate gatherings, start a group text, make sure new members get added to any communication channels, etc. You can email to have us mark someone as the admin of the group on the website.

  2. Make sure that you have your email notifications on for your groups (especially if you are the group captain so you get notifications when new members join). Here are directions for checking/updating your notification settings:

  3. Introduce yourself by…


Welcome to the playgroup for babies/due dates from January t...
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