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Get To Know Us

Our board is 100% volunteer and prides itself on its creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication to our families and neighborhood. We are always looking to include new faces in our leadership team. Please contact our President at if you are interested in starting a new program, service project, or getting more involved. 

Executive Leadership

Jamie Moss, President

Christine McGinty, Vice President

Rachel Pearson, Special Advisor to the Board

Julia Hebert, Special Advisor to the Board


Sarah DiLillo, VP Membership

Jane Maalouf, Membership Coordinator

Jodi Pavia, Playgroups Manager

Jesse Aladesanmi-Witter, Seaport Families Liaison

Community Engagement

Emerald Davis, VP Community Engagement

Jen Eldredge, Seasonal Playdates Coordinator

Liza Mone, Seasonal Playdates Coordinator

Liz Zigmont, Coffee Chair

Alexis Chan, Coffee Chair

Claira Lee, Wellness Chair


Emily St Germain, VP Communications

Christine McKenna, Biweekly Newsletter Chair

Katie Burke, Website Chair


Tracey Callahan, VP Service

Carly Consigli, Family Fun Day Director

Meagan Frenette, Service Project Chair

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